Small Actions Count

We live in an interconnected world in which the small actions of many people combined, have huge impacts. Our everyday purchasing decisions, from coffee through to our mode of transport, can all have an impact on climate change. Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council, Fairtrade and other similar certification schemes, despite their limitations, work to promote sustainable practices in environmental as well as economic terms and help to inform purchasing decisions.

Members of the DCCAdrawingpin2G share some practical actions they have taken in their own lives.

“To reduce our carbon footprint from travel, we’ve converted our Prius to a plug-in hybrid. The extra batteries, charged by the photovoltaic panels on our roof, give the car an 80 km range on electric power, after which it reverts to its existing petrol-electric hybrid mode. This has halved the car’s fuel consumption from 5 litres per 100 km to 2.5 litres. Rod is a relatively frequent flyer for work purposes so he contributes to Air New Zealand’s Environment Trust with each ticket he buys.” Read more about Rod Oram’s photovoltaic installation in the Fossil Fuel Divestment section of the website.

Others wrote:

“We have taken action to reduce our car travel by carpooling, using buses when possible, using Skype for teleconferencing and retaining one instead of two cars when we were able.”

“Relocating our family closer to work and school was expensive, but much less stressful and lower emissions too.”

You can find more actions on the Who We Are page. In the Links section we list other church and religious organisations that are working to promote sustainability and combat climate change.


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