Climate Action Q&A #2

This Little Piggy stayed home…

Q: How can we take carbon out of the atmosphere?


A:  If Little Piggy stayed home to plant trees and make biochar, then a lot of carbon dioxide would be taken out of the atmosphere each year.

That would be around 3,200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide*** removed from the atmosphere by 2030 if each of us planted one hardwood tree today.

BTW: if Little Piggy planted native trees instead of exotic hardwoods,
then much less carbon would be removed (around four fifths or
80% less*** than exotic hardwoods).

And if each person burned ten kilogram of dry wood to make biochar, we would remove around 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide+++ from the atmosphere.

*** from data downloaded from NZ Ministry of Primary Industries Jan 2019 (500 stems/Ha assumed)

+++ own calculation: 27% (by weight) biochar yield from dry timber (at 20% moisture content) and 1 kg C == 3.667 Kg CO2.

This series of posts is based around a resource prepared by Anglicans CAN for an Expo organised by Community Networks Franklin

Held at the Pukekohe Town Hall on Wednesday 29th May, the Anglican Climate Action Network was represented with a stand covering carbon budgets presented in a Q&A style.  This is the second of five posts.

Here’s five questions (and the answers) that the Anglican Climate Action Network (Anglicans CAN) are asked at climate action events.  

The answers are detailed and given for parents to explain to their children. 

The questions are set in the context of a little ditty told by parents to their children across many past generations, and future ones too – I hope.

The answers are determined from the Sustainable Anglicans Carbon Footprint Calculator.  For more information, call John on 021 46 36 86.

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