Climate Action Q&A #5

and this Little Piggy went Wee Wee Wee, all the way home.

Q: Little Piggy’s home is in Wellington. Do you think it is better for Little Piggy to go there by car, plane or train?


Which means of transport has the least impact on climate change.

A: Driving a petrol car, Little Piggy would put 127 Kg Carbon Dioxide* in to the atmosphere. That is a lot more than flying (71 kg**). Taking the bus would be better, (44 Kg***) and the train better again (25 Kg****).

But driving a battery electric vehicle is the best for cherishing our earth – only 15 Kg of carbon dioxide*****.

Something to remember when you think about buying a new electric vehicle – there is a lot of carbon embedded in the car before you drive it out of the showroom. How many kilometres of do you need to drive before the embedded carbon is recovered in savings per kilometre? This is called the carbon payback distance.

For a Nissan Leaf, that is 8,000 Km – less than a year’s driving for most of us. A Tesla however, has a carbon payback period of around 35,000 Km – perhaps 3 – 4 years of driving.

Based on MfE emissions factor (EF) data and:
* Road distance Auckland – Wellington is 639 km, EF (petrol) = 0.1984 KG CO2/Km
** Air distance Auckland – Wellington is 480 km, EF (petrol) = 0.1474 KG CO2/Km
*** Bus distance Auckland – Wellington is 666 km, EF (petrol) = 0.066 KG CO2/Km
**** Train distance Auckland – Wellington is 682 km, EF (petrol) = 0.036 KG CO2/Km
***** Road distance Auckland – Wellington is 639 km, EF (battery EV) = 0.024 KG CO2/Km

This series of posts is based around a resource prepared by Anglicans CAN for an Expo organised by Community Networks Franklin

Held at the Pukekohe Town Hall on Wednesday 29th May, the Anglican Climate Action Network was represented with a stand covering carbon budgets presented in a Q&A style.  This is the fifth of five posts.

Here’s five questions (and the answers) that the Anglican Climate Action Network (Anglicans CAN) are asked at climate action events.  

The answers are detailed and given for parents to explain to their children. 

The questions are set in the context of a little ditty told by parents to their children across many past generations, and future ones too – I hope.

The answers are determined from the Sustainable Anglicans Carbon Footprint Calculator.  For more information, call John on 021 46 36 86.

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