Auckland Diocesan Synod 2019

Synod 2019 starts next week and St Andrews Pukekohe is represented in four of the eight Motions to be presented.

Jan Wallace is seconding two Motions, one on getting the Seasons program operating in more parishes, the other on pushing the Diocese to do more around Climate Change Actions.

Vicky Mee is also seconding two motions, one on the Diocese taking a stance on improving housing for the elderly, the other on the preparation of a Diocesan Zero Carbon Plan.
For me, I am moving the Motion for Council to prepare a Diocesan Zero Carbon Plan and had a hand in writing the Climate Change Action Motion.  These are subjects that are important to me.

So why would we want the Diocese to prepare plans around climate change?

To me, there are two prime reasons.  

One is about resilience in the wider Anglican community.  Even though we do not yet have a firm idea of their form, significant climate-induced changes are coming and if no one is planning to meet the challenges of those changes, then we will have failed our Church community.  

The other is about social justice, the justice of the burden of climate change being carried by those who have contributed the least to the drivers of global warming that have led to climate change.

Is there a role for our Church to play in these two aspects?  What do you think?

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