Communal Food Gardens is a food sustainability project of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland.  Parishes are invited to participate in this project by contacting the Diocese’s Sustainability Fieldworker.  The many social justice and sustainability reasons for your parish establishing a  communal food garden can be read at our blog post ‘The Justice of Communal Food Gardens”.

We have four variants on communal gardens for you to consider.

LazyBed1First is a conventional ground-level garden bed.  We call it the Lazy garden bed because of the easy way it is established – just dig a trench either side of the garden bed, turn the sods over and on to the bed and voila!  Apart from removing any weedy growth, it is all done.

For some people, bending down to work at ground level is no longer an option.  So we have a couple of options for you.

keyhole1The second variant is a keyhole raised garden bed.

These are raised to waist height, generally circular and only two metres in diameter so that all parts of the garden can be easily reached. Of course, multiple keyhole raised gardens could be installed to provide the planting area needed.  Keyhole gardens can be clad in stone, wood, plastic or earth bags.

hugelkultur1The third variant is a Hugelkulture raised garden bed.

These are raised to waist height by burying tree logs in the ground, hence their name which in German means hill culture. The logs, which last for many years, provide a nutrient store and hold water for long periods which makes them suited to drier climes. Of course you need a supply of large tree logs to make this method work.

food forest layersThe fourth communal garden variant is a  food forest garden.

Choose this option if you have sufficient space – at least 50 sq m (a typical double garage is 7m * 7m = 49 sq m) and where tall trees will not affect neighbours.

To get started on your communal garden, use the contact form below.

Resources for download
– Guidelines for starting a communal garden.pages
– Communal Garden Site Anaylsis Guide.pages

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