All Saints Ponsonby took bold actions towards sustainability when constructing their new vicarage and adjacent homes.
The Sustainability Field Worker gave the vicarage one of the highest star ratings out of the Diocese homes assessed in 2013 due to its rainwater harvesting and solar thermal (hot water) installations. At the time, they were breaking new ground and lessons were learnt along the way. Solar Hot Water technologies are now well established. For more information go to the government EECA website.

All Saints are currently looking at renovating the bathroom areas in their hall. When building new, or carrying out alterations, this is an optimal time to include sustainable measures into the construction. Their sustainability report gave them a list of recommendations to include such as choosing water saving fixtures, environmentally sustainable products and occupancy sensor controls for lighting.

Ponsonby’s beautiful, Dr R. H. Toy designed, church is heated with under pew heating. This type of heating is effective for those sitting near it but can be ineffective to heat a large space. In Ponsonby’s case any upgrading of heating needs to take into consideration the architectural aesthetic of the building, where overhead heaters may be obtrusive. Newer, more efficient pew heaters are available that require a shorter time to preheat, thus producing savings. For more on Heating for Churches go to the DIY Sustainability Surveys page of the Cherished Earth website.

Featured photo credit: J. Dorman