Through a Lent study Papakura challenged themselves about their use of water, energy, waste, transport, shopping and ecology.
The study was called, “Lent Discipline: an environmental challenge – Making your lifestyle count – A Lent programme for Christians who care about the environment”. It asked the hard question, “the problem is too big, what impact could I possibly have?” and answered it with positive hope, “we see that small decisions add up”. One example in the study is how the decision not to drive one kilometre has a far wider ripple effect than our tiny action. The Lent Discipline series is part of the Eggs and Ashes resources from Iona, by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill, printed with permission. Click here to download from the publisher.

Papakura have also taken action. In their recent renovations they chose low flow flushing toilet cisterns and occupancy sensors to control the lighting in the bathroom areas. Renovations are an optimal time to incorporate modern water saving devices. An old single flush toilet uses up to 15 litres per flush in comparison with a modern dual flush using as low as 4.5 or 3 litres per flush. For more on water saving go to the DIY Sustainability Surveys page of the website.