St Aidan’s investment in energy efficient Heat Pumps is reflected in relatively low winter heating and additional winter lighting costs, which comprise only 18% of their total electricity expenditure. There is also a good use of timers on radiant heaters and labels reminding users to turn off lights and appliances upon leaving the room.

Several refrigerators are operated in kitchens within their facilities. Some are small, modern and efficient refrigerators, along with a well stocked freezer for the food bank. In addition to this there are two large, old, inefficient refrigerators and it was calculated that total power savings of $940 could be achieved over ten years if these were replaced with small modern refrigerators.

While most of the Hot Water Boiling Units at St Aidan’s are modern efficient models, one old boiler remains in the Vestry. Apart from being inefficient at heating and storing water, these old units also release steam into the room when in operation. Modern units by contrast condense the steam within the unit and then drain it to a nearby sink. Therefore it is recommended that this boiler be either replaced or removed.