CherishedEarth_mark_screenCherished Earth Papa-tū-ā-nuku – he taonga, he tapu

Our beautiful logo was designed by Sarah Newton and, along with the Cherished Earth title, is based on the idea that the earth is the Lord’s and that we are to care for it. Each element has relevance to the ideas of cherishing the earth and climate change, arranged around the concepts of balance and change…continue reading about the logo design.

The oval shape of the Pounamu / greenstone comes from the shape of the earth used on some world map projections. The oval is filled with Pounamu because the earth is a gift to be treasured and because Pounamu is a uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand precious stone. In Māori, “he taonga” speaks of something as being, precious.

The cross shape laid over the oval is there because the earth is the Lord’s, and because we are joining in God’s work of restoring and caring for his creation. The cross is ‘filled’ with gold leaf to reinforce the idea of treasure, gift and value. This also speaks of “he tapu”, sacred.

The Pohutukawa blossoms were chosen because Auckland residents look to the Pohutukawa blossoms to mark the change of season (in this case the coming of Summer), and talk about the timing of the blossoms as an indicator of what the season will be like. The rectangle of Pohutukawa has however shifted outside the bounds of the oval, which could be read as an indicator of change and things being or becoming unbalanced.